Kraus / Nick Graham / Klaus Fillip – 21/11/13


KRAUS has been described by the New Zealand Listener as “a national treasure” and “one of the most quietly important and interesting people making music in New Zealand”. (Listener) Over 10 years and more than a dozen releases on labels such as Dungeon Taxis, Moniker Records, Kraak and Ultra Eczema, his recorded work has encompassed pounding Neanderthal rock, exotic, modal guitar ballads, and laser-beam-in-the-face electronics. He has collaborated with Stefan Neville, ducklingmonster, Crude and Witcyst, and has been a member of
The Futurians, The Maltese Falcons, Olympus and The Aesthetics. In this rare live performance he will present stripped-down electric guitar arrangements of old and new songs, supported by percussion wizard Stefan Neville (Pumice, The Maltese Falcons).

NICK GRAHAM of Old Psychologists Club / The Doyleys etc. the peoples electrician.
Using a combination of mixer feedback, guitar and hacked electronics, his work plays with the cancellation and augmentation of tones as they are funnelled together into a cramped and saturated audio field.

Klaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer and is maybe the first Viennese musician, who used the laptop on stage at around 1993.
The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range depending on the
project; that could be a noisy set with Chulki Hong or playing at the odor detection threshold with Radu Malfatti.

With thanks to the Austrian Embassy and Creative New Zealand!