Kraus & Liam Bowen present Make Your Own Flute Workshop – 17/08/14


Ever wanted to make a flute, but don’t have the know how? In this workshop, I, Liam Bowen, will introduce you to the basic concepts of flute making, and will help you make a flute in your choice of key and with your choice of scale – either Tetratonic, Tritonic, or Pentatonic, you can see the attached image for explanations¬†of the first two, which are essentially dividing the 12 semitones that make up an octave by 3 and 4 – as a result, flutes with these scales sound kinda clumsy, I guess the best way to explain it would be to say they sound kinda how finger painting looks.

Materials will be provided (bamboo of varying diameter), some tools will be provided, but if you are able to bring your own, that would be great. Here’s what will be needed – drills and bits, dremels, metal rods, files, hacksaws/tenon saws, rulers, sandpaper and sharpies. Bring a digital tuner too, if you have one. If you can’t bring your own tools, don’t worry, that’s fine too. Wear clothes that you can get sawdust on.

This workshop will run from 10am to 3pm (maybe ending sooner, depending on how much trouble people have), with a break for lunch in the middle. Bring your own snacks.

Totally free of charge, if you let us know if you’re gonna turn up in advance, that would be great! email me at to secure your place now

This event is part of Kraus’ events programme for his Audio Foundation Winter Artist Residency.

For more info see here:

See videos of tetratonic flutes here: