Auckland Fringe Festival: Jazmine Rose Phillips, ‘Blood innocence and the void’ – 21/02/2018

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Blood innocence and the void is a multi-media performance art piece inviting audience members to embrace the void, hear their blood and look their innocence in the eye.

A sharing of sound, film, movement spoken word and an attempt to feel welcome in the empty.

The red liquid that circulates the body in arteries and veins can you hear it?

fluids performing with such function.

I wake up to the sound of the void only it is silent.
lets cut this timing.

The void is… completely empty , free from the loss of – it is a hole, a cavity, it is unknown.

Then there is the innocence of flowers…


Jazmine Rose Phillips is Australian born performance Artist, she seeks to embrace the grit and beauty of the human experience. Her creations use pleasure , pain, sound , spoken word , film, ritual and the female body/experience to evoke her audience to embody their emotional selves. Jazmine writes and performs music under the name him and is a trained sound engineer. After completing a shamanic plant medicine apprenticeship Jazmine co-created show F(Y)UCK.SEXY? which was shared in New Zealand and Australia, a show with sex, ritual and herbal medicine with the intension to challenge concepts about female sexual identity and birth a new “collective memory” of the feminine.


Wednesday 21 February @ Audio Foundation, doors open 7.30pm
Presale tickets are available for $10 over here