Independent Woman Records & Witchhammer Press present: Happiness is a Luxury – 3/11/2017

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Please join us in viewing Farting Through Cheesecloth, selected collages by Ace Farren Ford (Smegma, The Mystery Band, The South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble, EXP), brought to us by Independent Woman Records and Witchhammer Press.


Simultaneously, we will be celebrating the publication of the debut issue of Happiness is Luxury, a journal of the arts featuring contributions from: Jim Nicolson, Leo Quievreux, Peter Stapleton, Seymour Glass, Dame Darcy, Ace Farren Ford, Zarjaz Baby, Gabriela Azel, Sean O Reilly, Sophie McMahan, Tom Smith, Anne Van der Linden, Kilynn Lunsford, Marie Jacotey, Matt Middleton, John Olson, Sarah Fisthole, P Wits.


Copies of Farting Through Cheesecloth and Happiness is Luxury will be available for $20 dollars a piece.


Live sounds from Monster Witch


Friday 3 November @ Audio Foundation, from 6.00pm
free / koha