Foxtrot, Lttle Phnx and Polarnaut – 8/11/12


Foxtrot, lttle phnx and Polarnaut

Thursday Nov 8
8 pm

Join us for a special evening of outward sound odysseys, deep loops and beat-based experimentation courtesy of three of NZ’s finest emerging electronic talents!

Foxtrot is the solo vocal loop project of Auckland-born Flo Wilson, who is currently studying instrumental/vocal composition and sonic arts at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington. Following the release of her Live EP earlier this year, she is setting out to begin recording her first studio EP this month, for release later this year. You can find Foxtrot here with links to her Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

lttle phnx is flying jamz in straight from the heart with her self-reflexive, accessibly progressive electronic pop. Originally an internet music project fueled by Lucy Beeler this will be her first live performance.

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Polarnaut is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. Polarnaut consists of Polarnaut (lead vocals and guitar), Polarnaut(guitar), Polarnaut (bass) and Polarnaut(drums and Polarnaut)