Chen Qiang + artists to perform ‘Fluid Borders’ – 26/07/2018

Fluid Borders Poster

Chen Qiang (China) is an experimental artist working in film, digital media, animation and gaming, performance art, mashup, installation, sculpture, theatre, and painting. His works include Heartbeats and Music (2010), September (2011), Twinkle (2012), the film trilogy, Follow (2011), Putreflying (2012), and Heart and Body (2013), Works on Dreams (2017), Little Red Girl (2017) and You Have to Believe in Communism (2018). He has exhibited his work in Chengdu, in Beijing, at 798 (2012), Hong Kong (2013), Dusseldorf (2014), Berlin (2014), Paris (2015), Shanghai and Shenzhen (2017). While retaining his cultural identity but working across national, ideological and theoretical borders Chen Qiang has an interest in working beyond the frames of digital media in the creation of navigable virtual spaces in videos, animations, film collages and performance work.

As a performance artist Chen Qiang will be performing with musicians from the now-defunct Wukong the Monkey King and others at the Audio Foundation.


7 PM
Thursday 26 July