Centre Negative, Chris O’Connor, Dan Caldwell (Feeding Frenzy Friday) – 24.10.14


The Kiwi accented, Becks-resisting, cab-crashing solo project of Team Ugly’s Michael McClelland, Centre Negative will be doing political karaoke: sing-over detournement of all your favourite WINZ hold music classics, each song delivered drunkerer than the last.


Chris O’Connor regularly performs in Auckland’s improvisation/sound art music scene, collaborates with established Kiwi music pop icons and teaches music at both UNITEC and Auckland University. Chris is a member of Vitamin S, The Spoilers of Utopia, The Phoenix Foundation and Don McGlashan’s band the Seven Sisters. He has performed in theatrical productions for the Auckland Theatre Company, Silo, and Jessie Peach Productions. He has performed with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, the New Pacific Music Ensemble, WOMAD Festivals in Taranaki and Adelaide, The Wellington International Arts Festival, the Auckland Festival, and as a soloist at the Silver Scrolls. Chris has worked with acclaimed artists such as, Steve Lacy, Marilyn Crispel, Vinnie Golia, Jeffrey Henderson, Sam Hamilton, Jonathan Crayford, David O’Donnell, Richard Nunns, Trinity Roots, Leila Adu, Andrew Keoghan, Golden Horse, Rick Bryant, Tim Finn, to name a few.



“I make experimental noise music with my guitar. I’m heavily influenced by Thurston Moore, Blixa Bargeld, Kevin Shields and Josh Hayward. I love making my guitar sound like it isn’t one and have released 2 EP’s online”Dan Caldwell 


Feeding Frenzy Fridays – AF Experimental Variety Show!

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