Blues Control (US) w/ Cutts, It Hurts, Forest Spirits – 6/10/12

blues control

Blues Control (US) w/ Cutts, It Hurts, Forest Spirits
6 October, 2012
at Audio Foundation HQ

Rose Quartz + The High Seas are excited to present Blues Control in Auckland at The Audio Foundation.

This will be an EARLY show, doors opening at 7pm and all ages.

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East Pennsylvania duo Blues Control are one of the most original acts in modern music. They take a creative approach that renders traditional genres and musical boundaries useless with terms such as new age, psychedelic, stadium rock, experimental and jazz fusion all being thrown in the mix at once. While that might sound like a headache the result is something very organic, listenable and soulful. Blues Control play music that sounds both familiar and like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

“Blues Control, despite often getting confused for “noise” musicians, have always been songwriters, but they’ve finally mastered the featherweight touch that they didn’t used to have full command of. “Messing with the status quo” is deeper than a violent sound or shocking act, and it goes to show that a relatively peaceable album like Valley Tangents can manage to stir up so much more than another aimless drone or doctrinaire hardcore 7″ could ever hope to. Lea and Russ have managed to get off the grid in this beautifully composed, stylistically adventurous resistance to the Big Brother age of music discourse. It feels good to rock again.” – Matt Sullivan, Ad Hoc.