AF presents: Annette Krebs (Germany), Ivan Mršić, Jess Quaid / Joel Vinsen – 07/02/2020


Audio Foundation is pleased to announce that German electro-acoustic maestro Annette Krebs will be performing at this special event at AF HQ. Annette Krebs will be supported by local inter-disciplinary artist Ivan Mršić, and guitarist/ dancer duo Jess Quaid/ Joel Vinsen.

Annette Krebs
Annette Krebs is one of Europe’s leading exponents of live electro-acoustic music. Based in Berlin, Krebs’ explorations of the small details of sound synthesize strategies borrowed from instrumental, chamber-music with digitally mediated approaches and techniques. Working across performance, installation of and sonic, sculptural assemblages, a recurrent trait of Krebs’ activities is the amplification of small sounds (voice, objects), which, much like the microscopic, take on new life when moved across scale.

In this one-off performance, Annette Krebs explores the small details of sound and in combining instrumental, chamber-music reminding, and digital contemporary approaches and techniques. She has developed and perform solo pieces within electro-acoustic assemblages, “Konstruktionen”, instrumental sound-sculptures in which various objects and voice get “microscoped”, i.e. highly amplified via microphones. The sounds of the objects are in real-time played, partially digitally transformed and performed as musical collages.

Annette Krebs appears in New Zealand with thanks to the Goethe-Institut.

Ivan Mršić
Ivan Mršić is an interdisciplinary visual artist, percussionist, composer and improviser, fascinated and frustrated by consumerism, waste and excessive energy consumption. Building on the foundations of the European avant-garde, Mršić’s practice incorporates many disciplines, transforming them into contemporary dialogue.

Jess Quaid / Joel Vinsen
Improvised dance with prepared guitar.

Audio Foundation
7 February 2020
Doors at 8PM
$15 presales // $20 at the door