AFMix 10 (Luke Boyle) // 7.7.2020 – 7/07/2020

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On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


The tenth AFMix has been assembled by Auckland-based artist and curator, Luke Boyle, and will be broadcast on Tuesday 7 July. The following mix will be curated by Pat Kraus (Kraus, The Murdering Monsters, The Aesthetics, The Futurians, The Maltese Falcons, Olympus, Pouffe, Mahoney/Kraus, Magic Mountain, Centre Negative, Peak Brain, The Family, and Gogg) and will be broadcast on Tuesday 21 July.

In the meantime…


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Philharmonic, Airports: Solos, Duets, Chorus
From 00:00

Marc Chesterman & Po Roa, Hiinatore i te rangi e
From 00:37

Anadol, Görünmez Hava
From 04:59

Christoph El Truento, Subiu [Borrowed CS Remix]
From 13:42

DJ Hobby, Spring on a Wooden Leg
From 18:31

Alx, My bb on the trax
From 23:35

Wundercastle, That Jump, Keep it Up
From 26:36

D. Tiffany, Chains
From 31: 54

Lapis, mmm Dub1 (arrangements)
From 38:31