AFMix 07 (James Sullivan) // 26.5.2020 – 26/05/2020

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On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


The seventh AFMix has been put together by James Sullivan (Jim Nothing, God Destroyer), an artist and musician based in Auckland, and will be broadcast on Tuesday 26 May. And the following mix, curated by Grace Verweij, will be broadcast on Tuesday 9 June May.


Get the goods live on Tuesday evenings from 7pm via the following link, or by tuning into 88.3fm from Myers Park or the carpark of the Parisian Tie Factory –

Or follow the mix at your leisure at AFMixcloud account –


If you are interested in curating a mix or have other broadcast material, please contact Sam Longmore via


Goblin Mix, Lament
From 00:00

Alec Bathgate, Pet Hates
From 3:42

Toy Love, Sheep
From 5:56

The Swingers, Certain Sound
From 8:38

The Bats, Made Up In Blue
From 12:11

3Ds, The Young and the Restless
From 16:10

The Dance Asthmatics, Linoleum
From 19:27

Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, A Fraud, Abroad
From 23:15

The Skeptics, Mamouth (live) + bonus live tracks
From 27:04

Squirm, Gone With the Weird + bonus tracks
From 46:03

Pumice, World With Worms
From 53:33

Terror of the Deep, When Planets Align
From 55:42

Roy Montgomery, I Was a Distant Star
From 1:00:31

Peter Gutteridge, Chinese Garden
From 1:05:55

Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Together We Sense
From 1:08:57

Tall Dwarfs, Shade for Today
From 1:20:38

The RIP, Entropic Carol
From 1:22:28

David Kilgour, Tape Machine
From 1:26:37

Darcy Clay, What About It?
From 1:28:20

The Terminals, Love, Hate, Revenge
From 1:31:51

The Aesthetics, Do Do Do
From 1:34:24

The Gordons, Adults and Children
From 1:36:37

Able Tasmans, What Was That Thing?
From 1:38:50

Kraus, Speed Queen
From 1:41:27

King Loser, Vultura
From 1:46:15

Thought Creature, Smoke Machine
From 1:48:48

Wundercastle, Bring Me Joy
From 1:53:31

Team Cat Food, I Found Love
From 1:58:25

Gate, All
From 2:03:44

Flo Wilson, Step
From 2:11:24

Adam Willetts, Bad Milk
From 2:19:32

Zaimph, Side A Track 2
From 2:23:28

Mela, Transition
From 2:26:41

Rachel Shearer, Pastoral
From 2:28:49

Maxine Funke, Beneath
From 2:30:28

Maryrose Crook with the Renderers, Storm from the East
From 2:32:17

Queen Meanie Puss, Painkiller
From 2:37:41

The Pin Group, Jim
From 2:40:15

Stephen, Crystal
From 2:45:28

Snapper, Dead Pictures
From 2:48:05

The Stones, At the Café
From 2:50:30

Look Glue Go Purple, I Don’t Want You Anyway
From 2:53:42

The Great Unwashed, What You Should Be Now
From 2:56:35

The Exploding Budgies, Sunflower
From 2:58:31

Cutss, Gone To Stay
From 3:00:51

Sandra Bell, Lost Train
From 3:02:51

Lightening, Caribbean Sunset
From 3:05:00

The Garbage and the Flowers, Carousel
From 3:07:56

LA Lakers, Cough Genesis Ramparts for Gulf Eurythmics
From 3:12:14