AFMix 05 (Stefan Neville) // 5.5.2020 – 5/05/2020

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On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


The fifth AFMix has been curated by musician, illustrator, educator, Stefan Neville (Pumice, SUNKEN, The Coolies, Stabbies etc.), and will be broadcast on Tuesday 5 May. In this special edition, THE STRONG TASTE OF REAL FEAR, Stefan draws from his personal archive, mapping the sounds of pre-millennium Waikato.

The following mix is being assembled by Ro R-g, an artist and musician based in Auckland, and will be broadcast on Tuesday 12 May.
In the meantime…


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Scud, The Strong Taste Of Real Fear

The Reataz, Daddy Cool

Chris Thompson, Hugo Spellman

Grommet, Grommet

Frybrain, I Wonder / Beep Beep

The All Stars, Nice

Thee Ideal Gus, Fruitbowl / Party All The Time

Hand of Glory, Snake Charmer

Sinfeeder, Human Smorgasboard / Beach Combing

Ghidrah, The Magnificent Seven

Maria Dallas, Rustle Your Bustle

Wendy House, Target Audience

Jam Sandwich, Flies

The Waikato Dairy Lab Singers, Mastitus Melodys

C.J.A. – Ass Bunny / Headache (excerpt)

Biff Bangle, Sasquatch

Teen-X-Ray, Hey Vince Neil / Tribute to KBW / Vince Neil Walks Out

Unit 23, Lodung One

Mongolian BBQ, Wheres The Airport

Grommet, Grommet

Quorthon, Colostomy Bag

Knightshade, Out For The Count

I.G.11.9.67, Nine

Ivor Fisher, Lookie Lookie Lookie

Queenie Wahine Papaya, Beautiful Hawaiian Woman, Ruggedly Handsome Waikato Man

Big Muffin Serious Band, Jabberwocky

The Emersons, Road Cat

Dean, This Car Runs On Love Power

Armpit, Leisure & The Elderly (excerpt)

Dr. Fil, Wonder

Snake-Beings, Met The Devil

Enshrine, My Tongue A Window

Thundermonkey, Hot Knives

Black & White Time, Kicking Wicked Rhymes

Step Chant Unit, Painting Pictures

Huge Industrial Artsnobs, Trains

Watershed, Airhead

5 Girls, Food

Hitachi Slurs, Title Unknown

Hitlers Kock, Miners Song

Topp Twins, Radiation

The Crawdads, A Thousand Eyes

Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band, Scotland

Gfrenzy, Flying Wing

Egg Foo, Ef Go Go

The Reataz, Fancy Nancy

Grommet, Grommet