AFM: Sound Dose 04 // June – 1/07/2021


Sound Dose 04: June

Sound Dose is a monthly showcase of recent releases by experimental musicians and sonic art practitioners based in Aotearoa. Sound Dose: June will be broadcast on AFM from 7PM on Thursday 1 July.

Sound Dose covers the releases of the previous month and is archived on the AFMixcloud page. Tracklists can be found on the mixcloud page and on this page after each broadcast. If you would like to send your release to Sound Dose, please contact Tash van Schaardenburg: with “SOUND DOSE” included in the subject line.


Plan 9 – Garden Party
Tom Hall – Smuggler
L$D Fundraiser – Regression One
Darkslider – Dark Alley
Johnny The Fuck – Helicoptrrrr
Crude – Plutonium 86
Mamco – From You
Crude – Cultivate unreliability
Yeongrak – Rattle in the right ghost in the left
Sol Mortvs – I have grown weary of the sun
Ov Pain – Day Tripping
Roy Montgomery – Pretty
Group of Two – Live at the Audio Foundation
Nether Dawn – Still
Duckling Monster – K rd Shangri Las
Wits/Zarakov/Meung – ii
Snakebeings – South Pacific Sea Shanties in the making
Waterfalls – Balconies and Cherry Trees
Human Maggots – Live at Valhalla
P. Hope + Ex. Mind – 03 apple eye ph2 3point3 version
Scrap – Three Suns appeared in the Sky
Crone – layers apart two
William Henry Meung – A very moving unit
Stefan Neville and Elise Bishop – The way of tea
Indira Neville – Bonkhead
Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs – Walking the turtle
Luke Wood – Skeleton Canyon Theme
,..:.., – 3:58pm – 4:04pm, 14 June 2021 (Home)