AFM: A SINE transmission 10 – 6/04/2021


The Observatory Project begin their series of A SINE calibrations, broadcast monthly on AFM. In these sessions, their custom-made sound sculptures poetically explore the process of “sea cliff interferometry” used in early radio astronomy in which the ocean becomes a vast mirror, expanding the aperture of the antenna. Perception meets reflection at the clifftop, amplified at certain times of day, and by the condition of the weather. This process is a way of observing a thing by looking at the difference between it and its reflections. The mirror, interference, observation, and the ocean within the observatory will inform their calibration process.


For their tenth transmission on AFM, which will be broadcast at 7pm on Tuesday 6 April, 2021, The Observatory Project share another “calibration” of their Adaptable Sound Interferometry Equipment (A SINE).

A SINE calibration events result in sound-works made using the generative sound sculpture, A SINE, at various stages of its evolving assembly. Analogue frequencies are generated and shaped by a series of physical processes, strategies, and tools of observation developed through conversation between the artists and guest scientists. These sonic frameworks are explored live during the AFM broadcasts.

Previous transmissions are available on the AFMixcloud:


The Observatory Project is an art-science collaboration that installs temporary ‘sound art observatories’ within scientific observatory sites. This ‘observatory within an observatory framework’ allows them to work within observatories to explore the experiential qualities of the present from both a science and (sound) art perspective. Formed in 2017, The Observatory Project operates at the intersection of sound art and science, by using sonic composition as a means to diagram, interpret, and re-imagine scientific processes of observation.

Recent Observatory Project projects include: Calibrations, monthly broadcasts on The Audio Foundation’s AFM radio station, 2020; The Observatory Project: Revealing a Hidden Universe, panel discussion with Dr. Tim Natusch, Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER), 2020; Observatory For the Measuring And Not Measuring of Sites of Observation (OMONMOSO), sculptural sound installation, 2019.