AFM: A SINE transmission 05 – 8/09/2020

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The Observatory Project produce a monthly audio-event for AFM.

For the fifth transmission, The Observatory Project will broadcast a live “calibration” of their Adaptable Sound Interferometry Equipment (A SINE).


AFM regularly hosts broadcasts by the Observatory Project. These events feature soundworks from their generative sound sculpture A SINE and conversations between the artists and guest scientists. These discussions address ideas about observatories and explore some of the strategies and tools of observation which can be encountered across the arts and sciences.

The fifth transmission is available now on the AFMixcloud

The sixth transmission will be broadcast at 7pm on Tuesday 6 October.


The Observatory Project is a collaborative project observes and engages the ways in which scientists and artists operate. The project is headed by Ziggy Leaver and Eamon Edmundson-Wells, exploring and expanding the idea of the observatory as a site that contextualises perceptions.

A SINE is an art object, a tool for collaboration using the language of both scientific and artistic processes, a sound artwork, a data reimaginer, and an installation.