A Dog With No Hat: Ro Rushton-Green, Hermione Johnson, Drummy – 13/06/2020

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The Audio Foundation springs back into action with a concert of improvised music performed by Hermione Johnson on prepared-piano, Ro Rushton-Green on saxophones and violin and Drummy on circular wooden shapes covered with synthetic skin.

The trio engage in freely improvised music, an ancient tradition of spontaneous sound composition which challenges both musicians and audience to abandon anything expected, familiar, learned or routine and embrace unknowingness and uncertainty.

Limited capacity, booking essential via www.UnderTheRadar.co.nz


A Dog with No Hat:
Hermione Johnson – prepared piano
Ro Rushton-Green – saxophones/violin
Drummy – Drums


Saturday 13 June @ Audio Foundation
Doors 8pm // booking essential via www.UnderTheRadar.co.nz