499M, The Biscuits, Pumice – 16/02/2018

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Pumice [a.k.a. Stefan Neville]
…..”After seeing Paul McCartney last year I have realised its powerful to play your classic hits.There is a new Pumice 7”
of instrumental songs due out soon on Soft Abuse Records so I’ll probably play those too even tho the McCartney concert
also showed no one wants to hear the new ones”

499m [a.k.a. Chrys Berryman]
………In a series of fractured folk tune vignettes Chrys Berryman describes the highs and lows of growing up in a dysfunctional
family in the small South Island town of Waimate or “it wasn’t all beer and skittles, but we had a few laughs along the way”
He is joined by fellow Waimate survivor Pete Guy [drums] and Tim Dodd [ bass….he’s from Dunedin]

The Biscuits
……..the Biscuits are an Auckland three piece.Variously described as playing “pop punk” or “noise punk”, they
prefer the phrase “catchy pop songs with a layer of obnoxious racket”


Friday 16 February @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm