Audio Foundation, Liquid Architecture & BLINDSIDE present: Gerard Crewdson

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Photos courtesy of Jacqui Shelton, workshop photos courtesy of Dale Gorfinkel.

Over the past decade, the Audio Foundation has a developed a vigorous record supporting and promoting artists working with and around sound in Aotearoa. 2018 has seen the first two international events presented by the Audio Foundation and our close partner in Australia – Liquid Architecture. The two organisations have worked closely over the past five years to bring such renowned international performers as Puce Mary, Richard Dawson, Michel Chion and Rashad Becker to Australasia. This exciting new development has enabled Liquid Architecture to present two established New Zealand artists as part of their international programme in 2018.

One of the inaugural artists was Gerard Crewdson.

Wellington-based musician, artist, storyteller and activist Gerard Crewdson has been invited to present a major exhibition at Blindside Gallery in Melbourne. Between 20th June to July 7th, Gerard mounted a large-scale installation gesturing at the relation of sound and sculptural form. It was complemented by a substantial publication and live performance series during which Gerard collaborated with local and international musicians and artists.

Gerard Crewdson, born in New Zealand/Aotearoa in 1954 is a dual New Zealand/Australian citizen. Over a nomadic career of collaboration, now spanning over 40 years, Gerard Crewdson has developed a highly personal experimental and interdisciplinary practice. After graduating from Sydney University College of the Arts in 1992, Gerard developed 3D printmaking and paper-making processes using plant-based and recycled materials to create sculptural work. A musician and performer, specialising in low brass (trombone and tuba), Gerard is a member of Braille Collective, New Zealand; Splinter Orchestra, Sydney and Pyramid Club, New Zealand. Exploring non-hierarchical, open-ended, group composition and improvisation, he is currently creating bicycle mounted illuminated sculptures with Lucid Dream Bike, New Zealand.