Stefan Neville – Exhibition etc. (4/02/16 – 27/02/16)

Exhibition Etc., opening 01
Exhibition Etc., opening 02
Exhibition Etc., opening 03
Exhibition Etc., opening 04
Exhibition Etc., opening 05
Exhibition Etc., opening 06
Exhibition Etc., opening 07
Exhibition Etc., opening 08
Exhibition Etc., opening 09
Exhibition Etc., opening 10
Exhibition Etc., opening 11
Exhibition Etc., opening 12
Exhibition Etc., opening 13
Exhibition Etc., opening 14
Exhibition Etc., opening 15
Exhibition Etc., opening 16
Exhibition Etc., opening 17
Exhibition Etc., opening 18
Exhibition Etc., opening 19
Exhibition Etc., opening 20
Exhibition Etc., 01
Exhibition Etc., 02
Exhibition Etc., 03
Exhibition Etc., 04
Exhibition Etc., 05


Exhibition Etc., 06


Interesting Intercom Installation 01
Interesting Intercom Installation 02
Interesting Intercom Installation 03
Interesting Intercom Installation 04
Interesting Intercom Installation 05
Interesting Intercom Installation 06
Interesting Intercom Installation 07
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 01
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 02
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 03
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 04
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 05
Little Guitars / Old Glasses 06
Pumice on Paper 01
Pumice on Paper 02
Pumice on Paper 03
Pumice on Paper 04
Pumice on Paper 05
Pumice on Paper 06
Pumice on Paper 07
Pumice on Paper 08
Pumice on Paper 10


Pumice on Paper 11
Pumice on Paper 12
Pumice on Paper 13
Pumice on Paper 14
Pumice on Paper 15
Pumice on Paper 16
Smelly Strap On 01
Smelly Strap On 02
Smelly Strap On 03
Smelly Strap On 04
Smelly Strap On 05
Snifkin 01
Snifkin 02
Snifkin 03
Exhibition Etc., opening 01Exhibition Etc., opening 02Exhibition Etc., opening 03Exhibition Etc., opening 04Exhibition Etc., opening 05Exhibition Etc., opening 06Exhibition Etc., opening 07Exhibition Etc., opening 08Exhibition Etc., opening 09Exhibition Etc., opening 10Exhibition Etc., opening 11Exhibition Etc., opening 12Exhibition Etc., opening 13Exhibition Etc., opening 14Exhibition Etc., opening 15Exhibition Etc., opening 16Exhibition Etc., opening 17Exhibition Etc., opening 18Exhibition Etc., opening 19Exhibition Etc., opening 20Exhibition Etc., 01Exhibition Etc., 02Exhibition Etc., 03Exhibition Etc., 04OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInteresting Intercom Installation 01Interesting Intercom Installation 02Interesting Intercom Installation 03Interesting Intercom Installation 04Interesting Intercom Installation 05Interesting Intercom Installation 06Interesting Intercom Installation 07Little Guitars / Old Glasses 01Little Guitars / Old Glasses 02Little Guitars / Old Glasses 03Little Guitars / Old Glasses 04Little Guitars / Old Glasses 05Little Guitars / Old Glasses 06Pumice on Paper 01Pumice on Paper 02Pumice on Paper 03Pumice on Paper 04Pumice on Paper 05Pumice on Paper 06Pumice on Paper 07Pumice on Paper 08OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPumice on Paper 11Pumice on Paper 12Pumice on Paper 13Pumice on Paper 14Pumice on Paper 15Pumice on Paper 16Smelly Strap On 01Smelly Strap On 02Smelly Strap On 03Smelly Strap On 04Smelly Strap On 05Snifkin 01Snifkin 02Snifkin 03

Please join us for the opening of Stefan Neville’s ‘Exhibition etc.’!


While he is better known for the 20+ years spent recording and releasing sincerely iconoclastic pieces of broken and beautifully repurposed song as Pumice, Stefan Neville’s assemblage, sculpture, drawing, and installation all make total sense if viewed through the Pumice spectacles, as if taking their aesthetic cues from the same sources.

Indeed, it is almost as though each of the works collected for this exhibition strive to adopt the same qualities sonically present in Neville’s music – broke-down sounds, slowed-down Magic Band rhythms, crumbling chord organ hymns, and tragic ballads that reach deep into the soul, are mirrored in tiny, hissing walkie walkie wig wams, smelly strap-ons, snifkin arse, and vitrines filled with cassette-curiosities of fishy fidelity.

How thoroughly these two modes of creativity compliment each other is, perhaps, not so surprising given the close proximity in which Neville’s visual and sonic practices have developed. In a sense, Neville’s images are deeply pragmatic, conceived as album covers, posters and T-shirts, or for the comics published with Clayton Noonewhich hark back to the experience and experiment of making and sending music into the void.


Stefan Neville, ‘Exhibition Etc.’
Opens Thursday 4 February, 5.30pm.
Gallery open 12 – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday.
Closes Saturday 27 February 4.00pm.