Sophie Sutherland – Ball Park – Thursday 8 October – Saturday 31 October

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Please join us to celebrate the opening of Ball Park, a new exhibition by Sophie Sutherland.


Exploring sculptural and visual languages, Ball Park playfully acknowledges the dynamics of the spaces we occupy when spending time with one another.

Inspired by the relationships, communications and interactions of which daily life is comprised, Ball Park is a participatory sculpture which asks to be activated by the viewer. Each viewer’s interaction with the work creates a unique experience of potential and actualised play, each slightly different from the next. In this, there is an aspect of mimicry which references the structures which we engage through bodily action.

The work is activated (or not) by the audience.


On Thursday 15 October, for Artweek Auckland – Open Late, the Audio Foundation will be hosting live interactive improvisation.

Artist Sophie Sutherland will be organising improvised performances, providing scripts and instruments with which audience members are invited to participate. Along with Sophie’s interactive sculpture and noisemaker, Ball Park, a number of electronic and percussive instruments will be provided and improvisation will be encouraged!

Recordings of proceedings will be made onto cassette throughout this event documenting the evening’s sounds as a piece of ephemera.


Sophie Sutherland is a multi -disciplinary artist working across performance, installation and sculpture. Her work explores scale and references to structures that are activated by the body. The methods Sutherland incorporates relate to ecologies of failure and how value is produced in society. Her practice is currently looking into ideas of and around language, handmade objects, and play as a means of unlearning and relearning.

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Visual Arts at AUT using methods of un- and re-learning to consider the production of value and exchange.


Opens: Thursday 8 October, 5.30pm (with refreshments from Liberty Brewing Company)
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4pm
Closes: Saturday 31 October

Special event: Thursday 15 October