Richard Benjamin Keys – Error Message (03/09/15 – 26/09/15)


Error Message is an installation work comprised of digital audio-visual elements that engage with the aesthetics and methodology of the glitch, juxtaposed with found sculptural elements comprised of e-waste. The work seeks to explore the underlying materiality of the digital, and the relations of production that constitute and sustain the aura of the digital. The generic hyperreal desktop landscape wallpaper, given both its ubiquity and its implicit gesture towards a romanticised yet simulated environmental exterior, is employed as an aesthetic and conceptual departure point (and the original data-input) for these explorations.

Richard Benjamin Keys is a sound/media artist, experimental musician, theorist and writer who is currently based in Lyttelton, Christchurch, New Zealand. Richard creates sound and media work that engages with the convergence of digital and networked media technologies, with space, place, materiality, and political-economy.

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Exhibition opening Thursday 3 September, 5.30pm start

Runs until Saturday 26 September

Special thanks to CNZ, Pegasus Bay, and Go Recycle for their support.

Audio Foundation
4 Poynton Terrace (Sub-basement Parisian Tie Factory), Auckland Central