Philip Kelly – MUTED – Wednesday 9 February – Saturday 5 March


We are excited to begin the 2022 AF Gallery Programme with an exhibition by Auckland-based artist, Philip Kelly.

MUTED expands upon the work Philip submitted for his MFA in early 2021. Focusing on the relationship between sound and image, the exhibition shuttles between these realms in the manner that a DJ mixes between recordings. The objects and music in the exhibition weave these explorations together in a close harmonic relationship. Through this interweaving, sounds create images in the mind and images evoke the experience of listening.

While certain works broadcast audio, others hold the potential (or transmit the loss) of doing so. The process of flattening sound and image through ‘muting’ (via analogue or digital manipulation) generates a distancing effect.

Digital effects are given similar, sometimes identical, naming systems in both audio and image post-production, generating a synthesis between these forms of communication. In the photographic works the relationship between painting, sculpture and photography is explored though documentation of actions and objects that have been discarded. They remain purely as residues embedded into the surface of the digital prints.

During this time of upheaval, we seek new ways to communicate at a distance. Through this flattening of image and sound, paradoxically a kind of intimacy may also be experienced as the viewer/listener must ‘lean in’ to experience these works which are held at a remove from the vivid colour of the world.

A suite of new audio works have been composed by Philip for the The Audio Foundation installation.


Opens: Wednesday 9 February, 5.30pm (with refreshments from Liberty Brewing Company)
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4pm
Closes: Saturday 5 March