Hear This Zine! (2/07/11 – 31/07/11)


Featuring page work from: City of Tales – Stefan Neville and Clayton Noone, Bryce Galloway, Imogen Taylor, Angeline Chirnside, David Mitchell, Rory Cathcart, Lucy-My-Control, Benedicts Zine, Liz Matthews, Brendan Philip, Alex Mitcalfe Wilson, This Is Not A Comic – Pritika Lal, Handful of Dust- Bruce Russell, Insample, Alley Op,… Boys In Heat, Sturgeon, Always Never Fun, Mr Sterile Assembly, Boon Glee Cartel, Lynton Denovan, Stink Magnetic, Golden Axe, Stephen Clover, Matt Alien, Foxy Moron, Kerry Ann Lee, Mitch Marks, Glen Ross, Little Paisley and more.

Hear This Zine!!
An exhibition looking at the relationship between small press publishing and DIY music in New Zealand. On display will be zines from the last twenty years of underground music, blow-ups of favourite pages, original artwork and a listening post of related music.
The show will open with a screening of live concert footage from Get! Set! Go! Girl Rock Festival shot by Greta Welson.

The exhibition will open on 2 July and carry on throughout the month, and will also be open on Saturday 16 July, during the zine market.

This event is curated by Beth Dawson on behalf of the Audio Foundation.

If you have material you would like to be part of this show please message Ducklingmonster Futurian or email ducklingmonster@gmail.com

Opening: Saturday 2 July, 1pm

Film screening: Saturday 2 July, 2pm.

Closing: Sunday 31st July.