David Green – Songs of Rupture (20/09/2023 – 21/10/2023)

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Please join us to mark the opening of Songs of Rupture, a multimedia exploration of humanity’s various, oftentimes clashing perspectives on pressing societal matters across the globe.


In a convergence of digital media and critical discourse, Songs of Rupture showcases mash-ups of short form videos that have been disseminated online by a myriad of interest groups and news bureaus. These videos cover scientific, technological, and industrial practices, illustrating humanity’s prodigious push beyond pre-industrial terrestrial and scalar boundaries, across various frontiers. The interweaving of online narratives highlights the chaotic feedback loops that arise between innovations for human advancement and their unintended consequences.

Divided into distinct stations, Songs of Rupture employs mouth-blown stained glass panels as three-way projection screens. Refracting, reflecting, fragmenting, and redistributing moving images, these screens lend an aura of fragility and resilience to the moving image amalgams, embodying the clash between human ambition and ecological stability. The amalgamation of sound and image underscores issue complexity, encouraging viewers to engage with the installation on a visceral level.

To mark the conclusion of this exhibition, we will play host to a series of live performances curated by Ro Rushton-Green. In response to the immersive video installation, soundscapes that resonate, challenge, weave through and enrich the fragmented visual narratives.


Opens: Wednesday 20 September, 5.30pm, with refreshments by Liberty Breweries and Decibel Wines
Hours: 12 – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday
Closes: Saturday 21 October

Live events: info to come


Artist bios:
David Green is a video artist who lectures at the Dunedin School of Art. His work explores “the beguiling predicament of being human through collaborative engagements between artwork and viewer.” David is a PhD candidate in the department of Languages and Cultures, presently in the process of being disestablished by Otago University. His research led practice of ‘disarticulated cinema’ models relationships and phenomena using temporal and spatial redistributions of cinematic fragments and sounds into a variety of navigable spaces.

Ro Rushton-Green is a multidisciplinary musician and artist based in Ōtepoti, dealing in musical collaboration and the production of inscrutable objects. They make music with groups across the motu and abroad including Sewage, Rei Compact, Duo Duodenum, The Shape of the Mouth, Piecemeal, A Dream is like a Magic Cloak, Francisca Griffin and the Bus Shelter Boys, Skvavayt and Helper Theory.