Andrew McLeod, Tuvan Prints – Thursday 2 February – Wednesday 8 March


Auckland-based artist and musician Andrew McLeod presents a series of photographic documents selected from the thousands taken during his 2016 expedition to the South-Siberian Republic of Tuva.

For the seminomadic herders who call Tuva home, the landscape holds great influence, inspiring a form of music that mingles with the ambient murmurings of insects, beasts, water, birds, and wind. Ringed by mountains, far from major trade routes and overwhelmingly rural, Tuva is like a musical Olduvai — a living record of a protomusical world, where natural and human-made sounds blend.

McLeod’s depictions of the vast and grassy landscapes allows a glimpse into the culture and tradition of this geographically remote place, rich in natural and sonic beauty.

Opens – Thursday 2 February, 5.30pm.
Hours – Tuesday – Saturday, 12.00pm – 4.00pm.
Closes – Wednesday 8 March, 4.00pm.