The Necks


Chris Abraham (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton(bass) conjure a chemistry together that defies description in orthodox terms. These three musicians are among the most respected and in-demand in Australia, working in every field from pop to avant-garde. Over 200 albums feature their presence individually or together, but the music of The Necks stands apart from everything else they have done. Featuring lengthy pieces which slowly unravel in the most intoxicating fashion, frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove, The Necks stand up to listening time and time again. The deceptive simplicity of their music throws forth new charms on each hearing. Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is possibly unique in the world today.

“Australia’s the Necks defy conventions about making and listening to music. Each performance … is an hour of unbroken improvisation, each one different to the last. So if you are a Necks fan, you cannot be sure you will hear your favourite Necks moment again. After 20 years, there are no greatest hits, only what is next.” The Guardian – John L Walters

23 February 2008 – Auckland – The Civic Wintergardens

START: SAT 23 FEBRUARY 2008, 8:00 PM