Nowhere Festival 2014

Nowhere Fest poster SMALLEST DONE for WEB RGB
Nowhere Fest poster SMALLEST DONE for WEB RGB
Nowhere Fest poster SMALLEST DONE for WEB RGBNowhere Fest poster SMALLEST DONE for WEB RGB

Nowhere Festival 2014! Wednesday 12 November – Sunday 16 November.


AlphabetheadG.T. ArpeAvoid! AvoidBaby Took My DingoStephen Bain (VJ)Dan BebanPaul BucktonJon Bywater (DJ)Career GirlsRobert CarterShayne Carter / Michael Morley / Robbie Yeats trio – Tristan CarterJon ChapmanChronic Fatigue SindromeAdrian CroucherPhil DadsonDiana TributeBill Direen / The BuildersDrorganDroszkhi (DJ)DucklingmonsterJulien Dyne – EvesEyeRichard Francis – Future Hotel – Gate – Gem IndigoRiki Gooch / 0-0Darryn Paterson-HarknessBen Holmes – Steve Huf i.e. CrazyJane AustenHermione JohnsonKrausLady Lazer Light (VJ)Rosie LangabeerKristian Larsen / John Radford / Colin Woods trioCasey LatimerGreg Malcolm / Jenny WardMaltese FalconsJoe McCallumDrew McMillan – MEL OrchestraAntony MiltonMr Sterile AssemblyKim Newall (VJ)Chris O’ConnorOrgangyRosy ParlanePeter PorteousPower Nap (DJ)Purple PilgrimsSaturnian Noise CollectiveSeth FrighteningRachel ShearerSign of the HagPeter StapletonSunkenTofu HorseThe Three Minus OneYawn 

The Nowhere Festival will feature the launch of the Musical Electronics Library (MEL) – a lending library of homemade electronic musical devices.


Ecstatic highs and devastating lows delivered by sonic adventurers from throughout Aotearoa and beyond. The Nowhere Festival takes place in multiple venues in Auckland Central, NZ – click on the date for each day’s timetable & info:

Wednesday 12 November Audio Foundation: Phil Dadson / Adrian Croucher / Darryn Harkness, Robert Carter, Rosie Langabeer / Joe McCallum, Tofu Horse, Drorgan, Rachel Shearer, Maltese Falcons, Kim Newall, DJ Jon Bywater.

Thursday 13 November – Nga Taonga Sound & Vision (Live Cinema event): Jane Austen, Richard Francis, Antony Milton – Audio Foundation: Chronic Fatigue Sindrome, Baby Took My Dingo, Eves, Kraus / Tristan Carter, Avoid! Avoid, Rosy Parlane, Ducklingmonster, Lady Lazer Light, DJ P Pants.

Friday 14 November – Audio Foundation: Jon Chapman / Hermione Johnson / Joe McAllum – Whammy Bar / Wine Cellar: Antony Milton / Peter Porteous / Daniel Beban, G.T Arpe, 0-0 (Riki Gooch), Bill Direen, Shayne Carter / Michael Morley / Robbie Yeats, Purple Pilgrims, Alphabethead, Peter Stapleton / Casey Latimer / Steve Huf, Career Girls, Yawn, Lady Lazer Light, Stephen Bain, DJ Power Nap.

Saturday 15 November – Audio Foundation: Mr Sterile Assembly (Family Show), Tristan Carter, Future Hotel, Drew McMillan, Paul Buckton, Gem Indigo, Greg Malcolm / Jenny Ward, Sign of the Hag, Eye, i.e Crazy, The Builders, Sunken, Chris O’Connor / Riki Gooch / Julien Dyne, Lady Lazer Light, DJ Droszkhi.

Sunday 16 November  – Old Folks Association: Musical Electronics Library (MEL) Orchestra, Saturnian Noise Collective, Seth Frightening, Ben Holmes, Gate, Kristian Larsen / John Radford / Colin Woods, Diana Tribute, The Three Minus One, Organgy.


Drew McMillan‘s ‘Incomplete / Disconnect’ exhibition will be running throughout the festival in the AF Gallery.


Ticket presales avaliable via Undertheradar ($10 per night, $40 festival pass): afternoon events are koha entry. All evening events are R18, there will be a licensed bar at the AF for evening shows.

The Nowhere Festival is presented by the Audio Foundation. Special thanks to Creative New Zealand, Arts Alive, Krd Business Association, and Nga Taonga Sound & Vision for their support.


Radio New Zealand feature


Artist info listed below:



Adrift in the sonic cosmos, somewhere between the constellations of hip hop, free jazz and experimental rock exists Alphabethead; a tea-drinking, turntable musician from New Zealand. For over 10 years, using the techniques of record scratching, Alphabethead has breathed life into the skeletons of redundant vinyl. He has been described as ‘a virtuoso of the phonograph turntable’ and ‘an outrageous performer whom you really must see to fully comprehend’. Expect to hear wonderfully strange sounds coaxed from the turntable, untried aural unions and mechanised, scatterbrain beats.


G.T. Arpe

G.T. Arpe is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. He does live music, sometimes solo, sometimes with drums and other backing. He also sometimes does stuff with audience participation that veers into comedy and non-pretentious performance art.


Avoid! Avoid

Avoid! Avoid are psychospheric Krautrock-inspired, formed late last 2013 and is made up of Brendan Moran (the Subliminals/Hasslehoff Experiment) on drums, Steve Reay (the Subliminals/the Haints of Dean Hall) on guitar and Sonya Waters (White Swan/Black Swan) on keyboard.


Baby Took My Dingo

Baby Took My Dingo are:
Joel Vinsen Guitar and pedals
JY Lee Sax and pedals
Peace Myth Drums and pedals
Their music is spontaneous, loud and involves pedals


Stephen Bain (VJ)

Stephen Bain’s projects focus on the interface between performer and audience, choosing to create performance in primarily public spaces and most usually combining installation, live performance and audience interaction. He has used unusual performance spaces like shop-windows, disused buildings and the natural environment, he has also been commissioned through local city councils to create performance works that question the relationship between public and private. He is the Director of Winning Productions theatre company and one-half of Future Hotel.


Dan Beban

dan beban

Musician, sound artist, instrument maker and sound engineer, who founded the Pyramid Club and the Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society (Wellington), and plays in a number of groups including Sign Of The Hag, Imbogodom, Microsoft Voices, The Mantarays, Secretaries On Standby, Orchestra Of Spheres, and many more.


Paul Buckton

Paul Buckton started his musical career in Portsmouth UK in the 1970s. In the 1980s he moved to Leeds, started a Musicians’ Collective and organised local gigs and workshops. In 1983 he co-founded the legendary Termite Club, this became a well-known place for local, national and international performers to play. Paul Buckton and family moved to Auckland in 1997 to teach on the North Shore. Recently he’s performed with Kris Wanders, Mani Neumeier (original members of the Globe Unity Orchestra), drummer Shoji Hano, alongside Mats Gustafsson’s trio with his eight-piece Palcontents, and a swag of Auckland-based artists including the multi-disciplinary group Shameless Crowd Pleaser. He has been involved with Vitamin S for about eight years.


Jon Bywater (DJ)

Jon Bywater is a DJ, curator, and a writer on art, music, and theory. He is the New Zealand reviewer for Art Forum International and a music reviewer for specialist music magazine The Wire. He has also held reviewer positions for Real Groove, Rip It Up and The Christchurch Star, and was involved with the establishment of Opprobrium, an international review and interview magazine covering improvised and experimental music. He has had a sustained involvement, including columnist roles, with New Zealand magazines including Monica, Midwest, LOG Illustrated, Art New Zealand and the Listener; and has contributed to other Australasian arts and culture journals including Landfall, Art+Text, Artlink, Broadsheet and Eyeline. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland.


Career Girls

Career Girls

Southern trap, classic jungle, happy hardcore, footwork and beats tied together with sleek production, clever pop culture references and samples. Memories of the 90s represented as late-night party music for today. Career Girls’ photoshop game is tight as well. He makes smart yet LOLworthy collages which provide a pitch perfect representation of what he does sonically. –


Robert Carter

Robert Carter describes himself as ‘an occlusion of the geek, engineer, tinkerer with the mystic, agnostic, seeker’. He improvises with artifacts of technological accretion, and searches for ways to revive the dead, respect the old, and find humility in the consumer onslaught.

“Blowing up different kinds of speakers. Teenagers crowding around a Holden Camira, bourbon and cola in hand, watching for the moment when their Warehouse 6x9s will finally disintegrate to the Skrillex; our field of research is so unfortunately overshadowed by this image. In the name of science we test the limits of a number of speakers, large and small, ultimately bringing about their destruction. Donations of interesting speakers will be accepted on the night. All reasonable safety precautions will be taken and the risk to the audience will be negligible.” – Robert Carter


Shayne Carter / Michael Morley / Robbie Yeats trio

Trio of Shayne Carter (Dimmer, Straitjacket Fits, Doublehappys), Michael Morley (Gate, Dead C), and Robbie Yeats (Dead C, The Renderers, Verlaines).


Tristan Carter

Tristan Carter is a composer and violinist. He has worked with and written for a range of musicians including members of the Atlas Ensemble in the Netherlands, the Tasman String Quartet, Dutch percussionist Arnold Marinissen, the NZSM Viola Ensemble, the SMP Ensemble, and a variety of Taonga Pūoro players throughout New Zealand. He plays and records with various bands and ensembles including the Javanese percussion ensemble Gamelan Padang Moncar, and has also written music for theatre productions such as Twelfth Night at Toi Whakaari, and Charm is Not Enough by the BabyShads.


Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman

Ex-NY NZ-er. Former Double Leopard. Erstwhile Invader with Rory Storm; sometime Infinities Sinker with Jimb Currin. Solo trading as Co., Inc. and nowadays synthesise with Eye.


Chronic Fatigue Sindrome

Chronic Fatigue Sindrome image

Chronic Fatigue Sindrome is a drone doom duo from Auckland. Two vocals, four delays, two phasers, three granular hold pedals, some pitch shifters, some nice overdrives and distortions, some koauau, Rol Mo cymbals, some khoomei, and shakuhachi. And also some sweet teckno beats.


Adrian Croucher

Bicycle instrument inventor and ex-From Scratch member.


Phil Dadson

Phil Dadson

Phil Dadson is a sound and intermedia artist with a transdisciplinary practice including solo performances and exhibitions, building and performing with invented instruments, music compositions & graphic scores, sound sculptures and video / sound installations. He is the founder of the sound-performance group, From Scratch, (1974 – 2002), known widely for it’s rhythmic and distinctive performances on original instruments.

“In terms of pure sound, I am attracted to intricate texture; the microscopic, the unexpected, the naturally rhythmic and the adventurous; to sound atmospheres and layered perspectives, to sounds that conjure mood and imagination, that convey ideas and express the human heart and soul.” – Phil Dadson


Diana Tribute


Bill Direen / The Builders

Bill Direen

A legendary figure in NZ underground music, Bill Direen’s pioneering late seventies and early 80s recordings (both solo and with the Vacuum) laid the foundation for what later became known as the ‘Dunedin sound’.

Direen’s material has been released on small specialist labels such as Unwucht (Augsburg, Germany), Siltbreeze (Philadelphia, USA), Onec (Plymouth, GB), and New Zealand labels Onset Offset, South Indies, Powertool and Flying Nun. Some material has been released on EMI and Warner Bros.

The Builders (Sat 15/11) are Bill Direen (guitar, vocals), Greig Bainbridge (bass) and Stuart Page (drums). This lineup first came together in 1984 and produced the album CoNCH3 with songs like Night Opens Up (with vocalist Mary Rose Crook), Dublin and Do the Alligator.


Drorgan (Ben Holmes/ Hermione Johnson)

Organ/drums duo of wetsuit-wearing Ben Holmes and Hermione Johnson.




Droszkhi (DJ)

Droszkhi is the solo music project of New Zealand artist and musician Torben Tilly. Following in the spirit of his previous electronic duo Minit (together with Jasmine Guffond) and more recent sonic explorations with the mercurial group Full Fucking Moon (Bek Coogan, Andy Wright, Steve Heather), Droszkhi pulls into its sphere layer upon spectral layer of electronics, custom synths, percussion & other mixed-media to produce a psychedelic sound world of mind-expanding elliptical loops, discombobulated techno-rhythms, electric pulses, and cosmic drones.



Ducklingmonster is the dunt loop under a hive of low lying electronics. Beats, lights, vocals, good manners. She also plays in The Futurians and The Maltese Falcons, and has played in played in Octopus, It Hurts, Vulcan Steel, the Ghastlies, Rise of the City Cat Cult, Panda Battle Battle Panda, LD50, The Shutups, Static, Zombie!Fuck?, 5 Satans, Richard and the Hadlees, Vulcan Steel, the Windups, Evidence, and the Murdering Monsters.

Videos by Ducklingmonster –


Julien Dyne



Sine-wave based melodic hum-drone, slipping pitch-sliding harmonies, octaving loops, field recordings and vocal works with projection.




Dunedin rock/electronic group Eye formed in late 2003 and are currently a trio of Peter Porteous, Jon Chapman, and Peter Stapleton. They have been described by UK music writer David Keenan as performing ‘haunted electro-séances’. Their music is notable for its intense dynamics, at times very quiet, at times very loud, and often accompanied by experimental film. Instrumentally, they combine a number of diverse elements, with the standard rock guitar and drums format augmented by analogue electronics, shortwave radio, field recordings, and Tibetan bells. Their latest LP Winterwork was released earlier this year on Scottish label Nyali and a cassette entitled The Future Will be Repeated is due out shortly on Brooklyn label Ba Da Bing.


Richard Francis

Richard Francis (b. 1977) is an Auckland based sound artist. He uses field recordings, modular synthesizer and computer to compose and improvise sound works. He has released solo and collaborative albums on a number of labels including Korm Plastics (NL), Monochrome Vision (RU), Aufabwegen (DE), Last Visible Dog (USA) and his own record label CMR (NZ). Recent published collaborative CDs have been with Bruce Russell (NZ), Mattin (ES), Jason Kahn (USA) and Francisco Lopez (ES).


Future Hotel

Future Hotel

Future Hotel looks inside your brain – Stephen Bain and Nisha Madhan –



Musician Michael Morley (Gate) is from Port Chalmers, New Zealand. In the mid 80s he was part of the duo Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos.  Later that decade he formed The Dead C, with Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats. They came to the attention of savvy U.S. record buyers through a number of good-to-amazing records on the Siltbreeze label. Morley has also kept busy with solo records, under the name of Gate, and collaborations such as Tanaka-Nixon Meeting (feat. Danny Butt) and Two Foot Flame (w/Peter Jefferies and Jean Smith of Mecca Normal). –



Gem Indigo

Gem Indigo plays experimental/alternative/psychedelic/free form improvised/punk jazz blues metal music – an original blend of all musical styles. It is sound vibration specifically designed to uplift, inspire, heal, educate and entertain people of all walks of life, young and old. Gem Indigo is dedicated to non-violence and sustainable living, playing music that reflects his spiritual consciousness and love of all life.


Riki Gooch / 0-0



Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes (The Hoolie Buzzes /Drorgan /Spacesuit) will be performing his one-man-band act: live finger beats, foot thumping, twanging, moaning, hard out riffs, dodgy singing, casio boogaloo, sound fx to the maximus + heeeeaps more.

Ben Holmes


Steve Huf


Huf describes himself as ‘just a dude fumbling round with some stuff’. He has performed as a member of Sharpie Crows and Ouch My Face.


i.e. Crazy

i.e. Crazy is Clare Duncan of Dear Times Waste.


Jane Austen (Live Cinema)


Jane Austen germinated as a result of multi-wave feminist (im)pulses. She has created loud noises and awkward silences in lots of bands in lots of places since the turn of the century, currently plays with Hunter Moon in their band Meg and Mog and is a casual drum robot for other friends. Jane Austen publishes true and false stories in zines and journals under the name Angeline Chirnside. Some semblance of an archive is located at


Hermione Johnson


Hermione Johnson is a composer and pianist living in Auckland, New Zealand. In recent times she has improvised with Jon Rose, David Brown, Gerard Crewdson and Jeff Henderson, appeared solo at Sydney’s Paddington Uniting Church alongside Chris Abrahams and Monika Brooks, and with Louise Curham’s ‘Drunken Flower’ at the Lines of Flight Festival in Christchurch. She has performed at the Soundout, Now Now, Fredstock, iiii and Bomb the Space Festivals. Her solo album Colour Code was released by the iiii label in July 2012.



Kraus (also known as Pat Kraus, formerly known as Prince Kraus) is a New Zealand experimental musician and composer. The New Zealand Listener called him ‘a national treasure’ and ‘one of the most quietly important and interesting people making music in New Zealand’. His music crosses the boundaries of electronic music, post-rock, no wave, space folk, noise pop, punk rock and martian stomp. He recently released the album Interior Castle via Moniker Records and is a member of Maltese Falcons.


Lady Lazer Light (VJ)

Lazer Light new

Lady Lazer Light, aka Video and Performance artist Erica Sklenars (Sign Of The Hag, Thought Creature) works to transform spaces into magical projected environments. Her live mixing of video clips have playful sense of narrative, delving into pop culture, fantasy and psychedelia creating collages of obscure found images and original content.


Rosie Langabeer

Rosie Langabeer

Rosie Langabeer is an award wining composer, experimental musician and instigator with a taste for things that teeter on the intersection of the serious and the absurd. Langabeer composes regularly for theatre, dance and musical ensembles of various sizes and has performed extensively in NZ and internationally throughout the USA (2010 – 2013), the UK (2013), Mexico City (2010) and France (2005).


Kristian Larson / John Radford / Colin Woods trio

Kristian Larsen is a New Zealand based dance artist working in improvisation, choreography, performance, writing, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Larsen has worked extensively as a performer and collaborator with internationally recognized artists including Hans Van Den Broeck (Les Ballet C de la B, Belgium), Min Tanaka (Japan), Magpie Music Dance Company (Netherlands), istheatere (Australia), and Grod Morel (Argentina).

John Radford –

Colin Woods was born in Belfast (Ireland) and came to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2002. He was previously guitarist with Irish punk band Music For Deaf (not the later US band of the same name) and participant in UK/Ireland based Allotropes experimental collective. His current interests include experimental music (both composed and improvised), song writing and performance, and composition for conventional solo instruments and ensembles. He is a regular participant in the Auckland Improv group Vitamin S, one half of the duo Toy Triptech (with Rohan Evans), and performs occasionally on alto sax with Jeff Henderson‘s variable ensemble Superstars of Westlynn.


Casey Latimer

Casey Latimer is a member of Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing and Sharpie Crows, and records solo as Wet Nurses Of Sodom.


Greg Malcolm / Jenny Ward

Old surreal country songs that purr and warble on the white falcon, sweet vocals, noisy intervals, abstract percussion and walkie-talkies.


Maltese Falcons


A hawkland city rock band.Metal birds falcons of fate: Kraus, Stefan Neville, Ducklingmonster, Sean O’Reilly. They soar so high that together we are strong.


Joe McCallum

Jo McAllum 2

Joe McCallum is an innovative Christchurch drummer whose first percussion instruments were pots and pans, and which have become part of his adult repertoire of found objects, old drums and percussion. A versatile drummer, he performs and records across a number of styles including jazz, country, blues and improvised music and has played alongside musicians such as Shoji Hano, Vitamin S, Surfing USSR, the Oscillators, John Bell, The Splinter Orchestra, Jeff Henderson, Reuben Derrick, Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson. Joe completed his Honours degree in performance jazz drums from the University of Canterbury and teaches high school music and drums.


Drew McMillan

drew mcmillan exhibition

Drew McMillan’s ‘Incomplete / Disconnect’ exhibition will be running throughout the festival in the AF Gallery.

Andrew McMillan is a founding member of the Auckland music collective Vitamin S and founded the New Pacific Music Ensemble, a group fusing jazz and Cook Islands drumming. He’s also a member of performance group Shameless Crowdpleaser and performs solo as Bonehead.

He has also worked with companies such as Red Leap Theatre, Touch Compass, Silo Theatre and Auckland Theatre Company as a sound designer of theatre, dance, art installations, film and television. In 2013 he received the Big ‘A’ Artistic Achievement Award 2013 at Parliament from Arts Access Aotearoa:

For more info see here:


Musical Electronics Library (MEL) Orchestra


Members of the MEL volunteer team perform improvised raw electronic sounds using items from the MEL collection. The Musical Electronics Library (MEL) is a lending library of homemade electronic musical devices in Auckland, New Zealand – an independent project organised by Pat Kraus and hosted by the Audio Foundation, launching as part of the Nowhere Festival 2014. The MEL collection is housed at the Audio Foundation, and includes many electronic effects and sound generators built into VHS cases by a team of volunteers. Membership of the library is free, and members will be able to borrow up to three items at a time for a lending period of one month. The MEL collection will be displayed and demonstrated at the Old Folks Ass. Hall on the afternoon of the 16th November.

For more info on MEL see: 


Antony Milton

Antony milton live film archive 2

Antony Milton has been an active and prolific participant in the New Zealand sound art community since the early 1990s. During this time he has released over 80 albums on various domestic and international labels and performed regularly throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. He is currently based in Wellington where he runs the PseudoArcana record label. A recurring theme throughout Milton’s projects has been a concern with location and presence. This manifests in his work through an exploration of the interface between incidental noise (field recordings and/or ‘live’ microphones hung outside the locations being performed in) and the physical response to these sounds via the ‘gestural’ use of electronic and acoustic instruments, microphones and voice.

Milton has also been working extensively with video since 2010. In performance Milton’s music commonly ranges between discreet layered textured drones, gestural nuanced improvisations, and howling ecstatic noise.


Mr Sterile Assembly

Outsider-punk noise experimental rock two-piece from Aotearoa New Zealand.


Kim Newell (VJ)

Sound and visuals –


Chris O’Connor


Chris O’Connor regularly performs in Auckland’s improvisation/sound art music scene, collaborates with established Kiwi music pop icons and teaches music at both UNITEC and Auckland University. Chris is a member of Vitamin S, The Spoilers of Utopia, The Phoenix Foundation and Don McGlashan’s band the Seven Sisters. He has performed in theatrical productions for the Auckland Theatre Company, Silo, and Jessie Peach Productions. He has performed with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, the New Pacific Music Ensemble, WOMAD Festivals in Taranaki and Adelaide, The Wellington International Arts Festival, the Auckland Festival, and as a soloist at the Silver Scrolls. Chris has worked with acclaimed artists such as, Steve Lacy, Marilyn Crispel, Vinnie Golia, Jeffrey Henderson, Sam Hamilton, Jonathan Crayford, David O’Donnell, Richard Nunns, Trinity Roots, Leila Adu, Andrew Keoghan, Golden Horse, Rick Bryant, Tim Finn, to name a few.


Organgy (Jeff Henderson / Riki Gooch)


Organgy – a multitude of organs activated by Jeff Henderson and Riki Gooch.


Rosy Parlane

Rosy Parlane is a musician from Auckland who began playing music with the avant-garde rock trio Thela. He subsequently began working with abstract electronic based music, both as a solo artist and as Parmentier with fellow Thela collaborator, Dion Workman. His soundscapes are comprised of field recordings, pianos, guitars, household objects and other instruments manipulated via digital means. Rosy Parlane has released four solo albums, originally on Sigma Editions, and more recently on Touch.


Peter Porteous

Peter Porteous is a guitarist who plays in Dunedin psych-noise-improv-rock band Eye. He has previously played in Empirical, Lapdog and Pointsman. He is also a co-organiser (with fellow-Eye member Peter Stapleton) of the long-running Dunedin-based Lines of Flight experimental music festival.


Power Nap (DJ)

Power Nap is Chris Cudby (Golden Axe) working to create jpeg-montages of nu sound. Dance music for a generation of buffered streams. Tight packets of funk/house/disco/pop bounced together like aliasing-mulch. Sounds harvested from our collective past, filtered through a dither-heavy data-economy and re-valued using the latest in digital alchemy-tek – Crystal Magic Records


Purple Pilgrims

Purple Pilgrims

Purple Pilgrims is the fuzzed out, blissed out, ambient, electric-folk project of sisters Clementine and Valentine Nixon. Originally from Christchurch they have more recently been based in Hong Kong when not on tour with Ariel Pink and Gary War.


Saturnian Noise Collective

Saturnian Noise Collective is a free-form noise/drone unit featuring Kenji Iwamitsu Holdaway, (guitar and drums), Sam Carswell (keyboard), Liam Kiely (bass and drone pedals), Jy Lee (baritone sax and bass clarinet), Dylan Holmes (guitar and noise pedals), Joseph Jujnovich (voice), Aaron Longville (alto sax and trumpet).


Seth Frightening


The music of Seth Frightening is complex and varied but also focused and direct to the point of rawness. His music tells stories with shifting, clouded characters and evasive narrative, speaking as much to our own lives as to the one he himself leads. This ability to connect, to draw listeners out of their ease and guardedness, speaks as much about the depth and richness of his character as to it does about his soaring and richly textured voice.

Seth Frightening has supported the likes of Grizzly Bear, Jonsi, Low, The Books, Neko Case, Neutral Milk Hotel, Eric Copeland, Beirut, Deerhoof…


Rachel Shearer


Rachel Shearer investigates sound as a medium through sound installation, experimental music, live performance and sound design/composition for moving image. She has received public commissions for sound art and has actively participated in a culture of composing and performing experimental music, releasing recordings on Xpressway (in group Angelhead), Drag City, Flying Nun (in group QMP), Corpus Hermeticum, Ecstatic Peace, Family Vineyard (as Lovely Midget & Rachel Shearer) along the way.


Sign Of The Hag

Sign Of The Hag

Hailing from Levin’s all-but-unknown electro trance underworld, Sign of the Hag (Dan Beban and Erica Sklenars) turns spinning wheels into rhythm machines, pumping out waves of beats in fractal formations.


Peter Stapleton

Peter stapleton

Peter Stapleton is principally a drummer, although he has also contributed shortwave radio and tape manipulations to various recordings. In 1976 Stapleton joined Vacuum, who went largely unrecorded. When Vacuum split, Bill Direen went on to form The Bilders, while Stapleton, Steve Cogle, Tony O’Grady and Alan Meek, along with singer/songwriter transformed into The Victor Dimisich Band, which released its first EP on the Flying Nun label in 1982. The Victor Dimisich Band disbanded, and posthumously released a cassette, Mekong Delta Blues, on the Xpressway label in 1988. Stapleton and Cogle went on to form The Terminals in 1986. Stapleton also formed The Pin Group with Roy Montgomery and Ross Humphries. Their 1981 Ambivalence 7″ was the first release on the Flying Nun label. Stapleton formed the garage rock band Scorched Earth Policy, who released two EPs; Dust to Dust (1984) and Going Through a Hole in the Back of Your Head (1985). During the 1990s, Stapleton moved into more experimental noise music, forming bands such as Dadamah, Flies Inside The Sun, and Sleep. In 1996 he founded the Metonymic and Medication record labels. As of 2006, he plays in Dunedin rock trio Eye.



Sunken is the drunken sailor duo of Stefan (Pumice) Neville and Antony Milton. Released way back in 2004 their debut release was a cdr that featured longplayer drones built from the interplay between 2 reed organs (and various gadgets- tapeloops, intercom, contact mics). The end result was an ecstatically transcendent and strangely luminous hour of music. Since this time Sunken have gone on to perform an array of killer shows and to release various albums on vinyl and CD. Most of these are available from


The Three Minus One (Phill Dryson / Ivan Mrsic)

The Three Minus One is the duo of Phill Dryson and Ivan Mrsic.

Ivan Mršić is a Croatian New Zealand interdisciplinary artist, percussionist, composer and improviser. His work crosses many disciplines, he builds his practice on notions of avant gardé transforming them into contemporary dialogue. He has a fascination and annoyance with consumerism, waste and excessive energy consuption.


Tofu Horse and the Solution to Bread

Tofu Horse

Tofu Horse are Immi Paterson-Harkness (George and Queen / Goodbye Light) and Darryn Paterson-Harkness (Loud Ghost / New Telepathics). They’ve come together to perform as a duo, playing their favourite songs from their diverse musical careers.




Dawn of the pure heathen darkness
Blackened Apathy
All thee lies ov man forgotten by thee purity ov silence
Sonic exorcisms ov spirituality in all it’s forms
There is no god
Only thee void within



Date/Time Event
7:00 pm
Nowhere Festival
Audio Foundation, Auckland
6:00 pm
Nowhere Festival (w/ Live Cinema event)
Audio Foundation, Auckland
6:00 pm
Nowhere Festival
Whammy Bar, Auckland
12:00 pm
Nowhere Festival
Audio Foundation, Auckland
2:00 pm
Nowhere Festival
Auckland Old Folks Assoc., Auckland
7:00 pm
Eves w/ Chronic Fatigue Sindrome, Radio Cegeste, Little Deaths, Campbell Walker
Fernhill Session #5, Dunedin