Come visit the Audio Foundation music shop for an amazing selection of limited edition vinyl, cassettes, CDs, T-shirts and more! This is a non-profit shop – all cash goes back to the artists.

Please email admin@audiofoundation.org.nz if you would like to access the current stock list.

If you would like to send us stock to sell please contact sam@audiofoundation.org.nz

Sorry we don’t do mail order – you’ll have to pay us an irl visit


Special announcement – the AF music shop will now be selling second hand vinyl!

We’re keen to stock second-hand records in the AF shop, if you’ve got interesting records that you’d like to sell drop by the AF and we’ll have a look.

There’s a few guidelines attached, to make sure we’re selling AF-relevant stock and because of limited shelf-space:

– We’ll sell on behalf of the seller for whatever you like (within price limits, please see below) plus an admin/processing fee per record sold – $2 per album / 10” record, $1 per 7” record (this fee is for second hand stock only).

– Records will be priced at no more than $30 and no less than $5 (you set the price), excluding box sets and maybe fancy double/triple/quadruple vinyl sets.

– It’s unlikely we’ll be able to sell everything that you bring in – our decision-making of what we can sell in the shop will be highly subjective and final, apologies in advance.

– We’ll only accept second-hand stock that’s delivered to us in person, please don’t mail us any records or you’ll have to come around and pick them up.

– We can only sell second-hand vinyl at this stage, no CDs or cassettes thanks.

If you need more info please contact us at sam@audiofoundation.org.nz