Welcome to AFM – an online radio station broadcasting from the Audio Foundation in Auckland NZ! You can listen to AFM via the radio player at the bottom of this page.

You can also listen to AFM via the rad.io app: http://afm.radio.net/

AFM broadcasts the amazing Audio Foundation MP3 library of NZ independent & adventurous music and sound (over thirteen thousand tracks), plus specialist broadcasts and simulcast events. AFM endeavors to promote and explore high quality, distinctive visions in sound from both New Zealand and beyond – please feel free to join us.


You can also listen to AFM by pressing the play button at the bottom of this page, double-clicking HERE or by copying and pasting this address into your browser – http://cent3.serverhostingcenter.com/tunein.php/usdlyoqx/playlist.pls

These links will open up AFM in your iTunes/Winamp etc automatically. (You may need to click on the downloaded .pls file to open). The station streams at 128kb/s.


If you are interested in getting involved / have ideas for radio broadcast events please contact AFM Station Manager Sam Longmore: sam@audiofoundation.org.nz