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Welcome to AFM, an events-based broadcasting platform; an ephemeral presentation space for works of sonic and radio art, experimental music, documentary and live events emanating from the Audio Foundation in Auckland NZ!

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The station streams 24/7 at 192kb/s.

Past AFM programmes are archived on the AFMixcloud page. In addition to regular programmes and special broadcasts, AFM streams 24/7 from the extensive Audio Foundation archive of experimental music and sound-art.

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SOUND DOSE Broadcasting from 7pm on the first Thursday of each month.
Sound Dose is a monthly showcase of recent releases by experimental musicians and sonic art practitioners based in Aotearoa. Sound Dose covers the releases of the previous month and is archived on the AFMixcloud page. Tracklists can be found on the mixcloud page and Audio Foundation site after each broadcast. If you would like to send your release to Sound Dose, please contact Tash van Schaardenburg: with “SOUND DOSE” included in the subject line.

AFM: Sound Dose 01: February/March 2021 – 20/04/2021

AFM: Sound Dose 03 // May – 3/06/2021

OBSERVATORY PROJECT: A SINE Broadcasting from 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month.
The Observatory Project is an art-science collaboration that installs temporary ‘sound art observatories’ within scientific observatory sites. This ‘observatory within an observatory framework’ allows them to work within observatories to explore the experiential qualities of the present from both a science and (sound) art perspective. Formed in 2017, The Observatory Project operates at the intersection of sound art and science, by using sonic composition as a means to diagram, interpret, and re-imagine scientific processes of observation. A SINE calibration events result in sound-works made using the generative sound sculpture, A SINE, at various stages of its evolving assembly. Analogue frequencies are generated and shaped by a series of physical processes, strategies, and tools of observation developed through conversation between the artists and guest scientists. These sonic frameworks are explored live during the AFM broadcasts.

A SINE transmission 01 – 19/05/2020

A SINE transmission 02 – 16/06/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 03 – 14/07/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 04 – 11/08/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 05 – 8/09/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 06 – 6/10/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 08 – 8/12/2020

AFM: A SINE transmission 09 – 9/03/2021

AFM: A SINE transmission 10 – 6/04/2021

AFM: A SINE transmission 11 – 18/05/2021

THERE NOT HERE Broadcasting at 7pm on second Wednesday of each month.
Each edition of There Not Here is organised around a theme determined by Tash van Schaardenburg, Jimmy Solórzano and Sam Longmore, artists working with and in relation to field recording in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. Responding to the given theme, each of these artists produces a selection of recordings over the course of a month. These sonic excerpts of place are collated and broadcast on AFM from 7pm on the second Wednesday of each month, before being archived on the AFMixcloud page.

AFM: THERE NOT HERE 01 – 17/03/2021

AFM: THERE NOT HERE 02 – 14/04/2021

AFM: THERE NOT HERE 03 – 12/05/2021

AFM: THERE NOT HERE 04 – 9/06/2021



We are interested in projects which push boundaries and present distinctive sonic propositions from Aotearoa | New Zealand and beyond. If you would like to propose a project for presentation via AFM, we welcome proposals and expressions of interest. If you have ideas for a radio event, or are interested in presenting work on AFM, please contact Sam Longmore: with “AFM-proposal” in the subject line.

Submissions need not adhere to any specific theme, however those which attend to the various histories of radio, or engage broadcasting as an artistic medium are ideal. It is helpful if proposals include a brief project description, a short artist-bio, and links to past work.



AFMIXES (2020)
On alternating Tuesdays we invited an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’. We were able to broadcast many of these mixes in 2020, event during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

AFMix 01 (Sam Longmore) // 3.3.20

AFMix 02 (Chris Cudby) // 17.3.20

AFMix 03 (Ducklingmonster) // 31.3.20

AFMix 04 (Flo Wilson) // 14.4.2020

AFMix 05 (Stefan Neville) // 5.5.2020

AFMix 06 (Ro Rushton-Green) // 12.5.2020

AFMix 07 (James Sullivan) // 26.5.2020

AFMix 08 (Grace Verweij) // 09.5.2020

AFMix 09 (Amelia Berry) // 23.6.2020

AFMix 10 (Luke Boyle) // 7.7.2020

AFMix 11 (Pat Kraus) // 23.7.2020

AFMix13 (Tim Player & Renée Barrance) // 15.9.2020

Artists Eleanor Cooper and Xin Cheng have been ambling around Pupuke Moana (Lake Pupuke) and Te Auaunga (Oakley Creek) over the past few seasons, exploring tales of inter-species kinship and mutualisms, reaching out to locals and listening to the more-than-human in suburban Tāmaki-makau-rau.